Our Story

Angel Abisola, a dynamic and successful Mary Kay director, once felt overwhelmed and frustrated by the challenges of growing her network business. Despite her unwavering determination and hard work, she found herself constantly bogged down by operational tasks that took away from her core focus - helping others achieve their beauty goals and generating revenue.

She felt like she was fighting a losing battle, trying to keep up with the demands of managing her brand, handling virtual assistant tasks, juggling digital media, and leading her team. She longed for a solution that would ease her burden and allow her to focus on what she loved most.

This longing sparked a fire within Angel, driving her on a journey to create Inspirars, a brand that speaks to the hearts of business leaders. Inspirars partners with them to deliver solutions for everyday operational requirements, alleviating their concerns and freeing them to focus on what they do best - generating revenue and making a difference in the world.

Inspirars offers virtual assistant services, branding, digital media management, and team management, taking care of the operational tasks in the background, so business leaders can soar to new heights, unencumbered by the weight of operational concerns.

Inspirars was born out of Angel's own struggles, and her passion for empowering others to achieve their goals. Today, Inspirars continues to be a beacon of hope for business leaders, a brand that understands their struggles and provides the solutions they need to succeed.

❤️ Our Brand Heart

To empower Business Leaders, through expert solutions for everyday operational needs, for uncapped success.

Our vision is be the best partner to business leaders worldwide, to ignite their aspirations, empowering them to reach new heights of success through our relentless commitment to delivering exceptional solutions that drive operational efficiency.

To innovate operational efficiency and pave the way for business success